Department of physical-chemical methods of analysis

Since the formation of the Institute, analytical analyses were carried out in the laboratory of Geochemistry of ore deposits, in the departments of spectral, roentgen-spectral, roentgen-structural, electronic microscopy and thermal analyses. Nekrasov Ivan Yakovlevich, candidate of geologic-mineralogic sciences, was at the head of the laboratory. Later, department of physical-chemical analyses and department of experimental mineralogy under the direction of Suknev Viktor Semenovich, candidate of geologic-mineralogic sciences, were formed, based on existing departments. At present, the departments consists of 4 study groups with modern equipment and highly qualified specialists. L.T. Galenchikova headed the department since 2011, С 2011 года отделом руководит Л.Т.Галенчикова; total number of employees is 31, including 3 candidates of sciences.

Department’s main goal is to provide scientific researches of the Institute with different types of analysis of rocks, minerals.

Primary areas of work

Silicate and carbonate analyses of rocks and minerals, analysis of impurities in quartz and identification of copper in rocks by classic methods. Quantitative determination of the bulk Earth values in rocks, minerals and ore samples by atomic-emission and atomic-absorption spectrometry; local microprobe analysis of minerals, diagnostics of minerals, determination of phase composition of any crystalline materials. Identification of cristallographic features of rare and new minerals; study of isotope composition using mass-spectrometry.

Not only analytical works were carried out according to the main research areas of the Institute, but members of the staff implemented methodical and scientific studies, engineers provided modern technological level of equipment automation. “Physical-chemical methods of mineral analysis and automated analytics” collected articles were published. Significant methodological activities were carried out in order to identify small inclusions, using electron microprobe analysis; “Sulfides in diamonds and xenoliths from kimberlite pipes of Yakutia” monograph by  G.P. Bulanov, Z.S. Spetsius, N.V. Leskov was published, based on obtained data. Such minerals as native silicon, cadmium, lenaite, yafsoanite, indigirite, arangasite etc. were discovered in cooperation of the members of the staff and geologists.

Analytical chemists take part in composition validation of All-Russian prepared block list.

Fundamental monograph (on borates) gave rise to subsequent interpretation of several borates structure, as well as minerals.

The results are included in structural databases and made possible to specify the formula of some minerals, which is significant contribution to mineralogy and crystal chemistry.