Laboratory of geodynamics and regional geology

Tectonics and geodynamics

Main research areas

Geodynamic evolution of lithosphere and study of tectonic structures of the North-east Asia. Geodynamic evolution of the Phanerozoic continental margins and sedimentary basins; reconstruction of distributive provinces of sedimentary basins of the North-east Asia. Study of magmatic complexes – indicators of geodynamic settings.


Main research areas

Study of seismicity, seismic setting and manifestations of catastrophic earthquakes and their aftershocks; study of stress state of the Earth’s crust and reconstruction of tectonic stress fields on geologic-structural and seismic data; seismic zonation of Yakutia and the North-east Asia, including identification of source zones of expected strong earthquakes; development of the modern geodynamic model with identification of plates and blocks, based on seismic-tectonic monitoring of environment.

Magmatic group of the Laboratory of geodynamics and regional geology(before May 2016 – laboratory of orogenic magmatism)

Main research areas

Study of mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, geodynamic settings of formation, geochemical and metallogenic specialization of magmatic rocks of the North-east Verkhoyansk-Kolyma orogenic region.