Laboratory of geology and mineralogy of precious metals

Laboratory of geology and mineralogy of precious metals carries out studies of minerageny of precious metals from the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma folded area and adjacent structures of the East Siberian platform, ore-magmatic systems and  factors if their productivity, including geologic-genetic and GIS prerequisites of presence of complex precious metal mineralization at the East of Yakutia (as basis of increasing precious and non-ferrous metal resources; Multicomponent precious metal deposits of the Eastern Yakutia, regularities of occurrence in connection with the history of the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma folded area evolution, structural, mineralogic, lithologic-geochemical and physical-chemical features of of the formation; regularities of occurrence and relationship of supposed primary sources of placer gold at the East Siberian platform.

Main research areas and types of conducted works

  • Geologic data bases and GIS-technologies for their visualization based on geographic, geologic and geophysical cartography;
  • Drawing geologic maps of promising ore-magmatic clusters, based on detailed space photographs;
  • Different natural event monitoring, based on Landsat-8 satellite images;
  • Drawing maps of temperature fields, based on Landsat-8 data conversion in temperature values;
  • Preparation and use of digital model of Yakutia relief in order to identify previously unknown magmatic bodies, evaluate flooding of flood hazard areas to minimize property damage and etc.;
  • Identification of promising areas, sing modern GIS-technologies and implementation of prospecting works on recognizing new type of – Fe-oxide-Cu-Au±U ores;
  • Study of mineralogic-geochemical features of ores, typomorphism of native gold and other ore and vein minerals of the multicomponent deposits of precious metals, morphology of native platinum, gold and silver;
  • Identification of physical-chemical parameters of gold deposit formation;
  • Structural analysis of complicatedly dislocated strata, multi-stage fold and rupturing deformations of deposits;
  • Study of tectonic-physical conditions of ore object formation, typification of ore-containing structures;
  • Phased-genetic analysis, identification of geochemical features of post-sedimentary transformations of ore-containing strata;
  • Development of structural-tectonic, lithologic-geochemical mineralogic-geochemical criteria of gold mineralization disposition;
  • Metallogenic zonation of territories, prediction of deposits;
  • Determination of mineral types of primary sources in closed platform regions on mineralogic-geochemical features of placer gold;
  • Reconstruction of formation of gold primary sources with respect to geologic-structural features of the region;
  • Development of predicting and prospecting criteria on typomorphism of placer gold in order to identify primary sources in platform regions;
  • Carrying out of geologic-mineralogic expert examination of gold for Federal Security Service Directorate for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation.
  • Execution of field works at deposits of silver, gold, copper, multi-purpose sampling in field conditions, density measurement and mineralogic analysis of ores in Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute laboratories;
  • Estimation of lode rock resources and useful component resources of volumetric ore deposits for their preliminary evaluation;
  • Preparation of report documentation on mineralogical composition of ores for Feasibility study.