Поздравляем Костина Алексея Валентиновича с назначением в Совет Директоров Компании Silver Bear Resources Plc.

Dr. Kostin, has over 30 years of mining geological experience, since 1980 to 2022 he worked at the Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Yakutsk, Russia; where from 2007 to present, he is Chief of the Laboratory of Geology and Mineralogy of Precious Metals. In 2013, Dr. Kostin received the “Discover of the Mineral Deposits” award by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Russian Federation. Dr. Kostin’s PhD in Geo-Mineralogical Science is from Moscow State University. He also earned a doctorate degree (D.Sc.) in Central Geological Research Institute for Nonferrous and Precious Metals (TsNIGRI), Moscow. https://silverbearresources.com/corporate/board-of-directors