Geological Museum

The Museum was formed in 1958 as part of the Institute of Geology. Its collections make up the scientific heritage handed down from generation to generation for further research and interpretation.

The Museum was formed on the basis of stratigraphic-paleontological collections.

The unique geographical and geological situation of Yakutia makes it possible to study all the geological periods and to trace the evolution of the organic world from ancient problematica to the mammoth fauna.

The ore-mineralogical section illustrates the mineral wealth of Yakutia and its variety. It contains specimens of all industrial minerals known in the Republic and their host rocks belonging to different geological formations. These include precious and ferrous metals as well as non-metallic and fuel minerals.
Industrial development of Yakutia began with placer gold mining.

The Museum possesses a unique collection of minerals including precious and semi-precious stones. The collection of minerals from the Sirenevyi Kamen charoite deposit, the only in the world, invariably arouses admiration of the general public and considerable interest of specialists. Seven new and dozens of rare minerals have been discovered there.

Of particular interest is the exhibition of kimberlites, a source rock of the world-famous Yakutian diamonds.

You can see a rich collection of diamonds including natural and synthetic, jewelry and industrial, octahedral and cubic, first water and colored varieties. Diamond crystals with inclusions of accessory minerals carrying unique information on the depth and temperature of diamond origination attraction attract the attention of geologists.

Possible applications of the thermochemical method of diamond treatment developed by the workers of the Institute are also demonstrated.
Other unique exhibits include a completely preserved mammoth leg found at an ancient man site and a full skeleton of a two-horned wooly rhinoceros with remains of soft tissues, skin and wool.

The Museum is a cultural center of Yakutsk attended by residents of the city and the whole of the Republic as well as numerous guests from abroad. Over the years of its existence more than 70 thousand people have visited the Museum and more than 5 thousand guided excursions have been organized.

All subdivisions of the Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute have contributed to the collection of the Museum. Its exhibits glorified natural wealth of Yakutia at the exhibitions held in Mongolia, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, France and Germany. The Museum is ready to organize guest exhibitions of its collections for interested parties.